Take back control of your phone!

You can help take control of your telephone by registering your number with the telephone preference service (TPS) – this is free. If you have a fax machine you can also register with the fax preference service (FPS) again for free.

You should see a marked decrease in calls in a month. You could also get a caller display so you can see the callers number (or if it’s withheld). Some allow you to store the persons name, so you’ll see their name and number.

If you, like me, can get a caller display telephone with answering machine, you’ll may find that allowing the answering machine to answer will get rid of some cold call marketing callers.

If like me you’ve managed to totally loose your temper, once or twice, I’ve found that:

“WTF do you mean, why do I want to buy (your crappy service/device) WHERE THE HELL IS THE AMBULANCE, HOW MUCH MORE TIME HAVE WE GOT TO WAIT?!”

Hopefully the scammer will disconnect ASAP and you get the chance to vent your frustration on the cold sales caller, but not recommended, if you are calling 999 for a real!

Can you speak another language apart from English?

If you can, speak that language as you answer the phone, I did manage to annoy one Indian call centre worker by speaking in Welsh, eventually they said “this ****hole can’t even speak English” and hung up on me. Again the number of calls decreased even more, so seems logical the sales calls we had been getting were from the same “call centre”

One handy thing if your being plagued by what you think could be a foreign call centre and especially if it’s your mobile, is to consider answering calls in another language, all you need is “Good morning, how are you?” they’ll hang up after you saying that three times LOL

We’ve even answered calls to English numbers in Welsh. After all if they get the time of day wrong, are not going to know which STD codes are in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

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